All Natural Adult & Children Masks Available with Filters & Activated Charcoal Elastic & Fabric Available for DIY

Browse Our Fabrics

Whatever you're creating, we have a fabric for it. At Spring Blossom Quilt N Sew, you can find a variety of weights suitable for any project. We carry flats and flannels, and a multitude of prints for any occasion. If you're searching for prints with themes such as wildlife, western, animals or children, we've got multiples for you to choose from.

Fabric and beyond

Once you've chosen your fabrics, we make it easy for you to move on to the next step by providing an array of rulers and instructional, inspirational books, as well as classes taught by our certified quilting instructor to help you excel and expand your skillset. You can also find patterns for "Quilt in a Day" by Eleanor Burns.

For the actual sewing and quilting process, Spring Blossom Quilt N Sew is an authorized Husqvarna VIKING sewing machine dealer, and has a swing arm available to rent or buy.

Visit Spring Blossom Quilt N Sew in Billings Heights, MT today to browse the fabrics we have in stock and take the next step towards completing you quilting or sewing project!