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Platinum MN1000 Top Features:
- Single Head with 10 needles
- Large Embroidery area
-Smart cap embroidery
-Automatic color change
-4 hoops included
-Large 7" color touch screen
Will be at Spring Blossom Quilt N Sew soon!!!

for more information:

Amber Air S/400: compact AND easy to thread (don't even have to thread in special order!) If a thread breaks, no problem, just rethread that one. Want to change one of the colors for a special effect? No problem, just replace it. No need to rethread the whole machine. It is called Amber Air because the loopers are air threaded, does the whole threading thing for you!

We have it at Spring Blossom Quilt N Sew. You won't believe that a serger could be so user friendly! Come in and check it out!