Spring Blossom Quilt and Sew

Class Schedule

Linus Project

Linus Project meets here 12:30 p.m. once a month to discuss progress and to deliver and show the new quilts!
Terri oversees the progress and is the organizer for this Chapter of Linus Project. Any one can come and join the
fun in making quilts,( practicing your skills) and getting pointers if you want them. All for the good of the children
having a hard time in life. Smiles all around!

Template Class

Tuesday June 19th at 1PM

This is a sampler in more ways than one! AND very useful too ! It has 3 big pockets in the front. Barb will be teaching a different template design on each color.

The kit is $17.50. Class is $25.00. Call to save your space.